A lthough the patented vinificator Ganimede is by now well known in the italian and international market, we often noted that its working, though apparently very simple, isn't of ease understanding.
Today, after over 10 years of presence in the market, there are plenty of people who doesn' t know the physical principle on which is based Ganimede, that is the adequate physical exploiting of the cinetic energy produced by the fermentation.
A few customers have requested us some useful materials in order to help them to explain the method during the guided visits at their wineries. So they can correctly answer them, giving more specific information on this natural winemaking technique.

In order to better explain the typical phases of the Metodo Ganimede, we've taken some videos inside a vinificator of 5,000 liters of capacity. What you see is from the top manhole on the roof.

Bubbling action:

When fermentation takes place or an external gas is connected, as the bypasses are closed, the volume under the funnel diaphragm is rapidly saturated of gas; what we see is the typical "bubbling action". The gas, in pressure, goes out through the funnel's collar forming big bubbles. The latter, pulling liquid towards the surface, avoid the cap becomes thick permitting a progressive dilution thanks to a continuos replace of liquid in contact with skins. The dynamic effect permits a much more rapid and effective extraction.

Bypass opening:
The opening of the bypass valve causes the rapid escape of all the gas accumulated under the funnel, moving great quantity of must that evenly
mixes the marc. This delicate, homogeneous and effective action acts on the 100% of the berries that form the cap of marc.
At the same time the level drops, as the the volume previously occupied by the gas now is completed flooded by wine (click here to download the video of the bypass opening)

This simple but meaningful images allow a rapid and easy understanding of the technological process that Ganimede cyclically runs to assure a selective extraction of only noble components of grapes, thanks to the absence of pumps and mechanical devices. 

The working simplicity, the flexibility and the high performances of Metodo Ganimede are the real success of a system that brings in the winery technological innovation, cost reductions and quality improvement of the products.